Buteshova Gulzada Raisovna
Head of the DepartmentButeshova Gulzada Raisovna
She has been working in the ISM team since 2003. She has extensive experience in working with the personnel files of the students and all documentation relating to the department. The team comprises 5 more employees: two of which are responsible for regional compuses located in the Issyk-kul region and the Eastern Campus in Bishkek.
Apysh kyzy aichurok
SpecialistApysh kyzy aichurok
Since 2015  she has worked in ISM. She is specialist of Issyk-kul campus. Her official duties include correct and timely registration of student documentation namely to transfer students from one course to another, graduation of students, registration of transcripts, student cards, academic certificate, exam sheets and storing of personal files.
kenesh kyzy ayana
Specialistkenesh kyzy ayana
She maintains the main electronic database of ISM students, which contains all personal data of ISM students.In addition to the database, the specialist keeps personnel files of students of 7-8 semesters, issues student cards, record books and other documents. She conducts explanatory work with students on obtaining duplicates of student cards and record books. She is also responsible  for processing correspondence.
kenesh kyzy diana
Specialistkenesh kyzy diana
She maintains all the documentation of the 2nd year students of ISM. The duties of our employee include: the issuance of student cards,record books, certificates of achievement and a mark sheets. In addition, draws up the personnel files of students. She keeps a journal for expelled and restored students and gives marks for her course in a personnel file.
Satyvaldieva lola rustamovna
SpecialistSatyvaldieva lola rustamovna
She came in february 2018 and joined the department team. She takes over all the experience of working with personal affairs and documentation relating to students. She prepares record books and student cards. She issues semester mark sheets and academic transcripts. She maintains documentation for 9 to 10 semesters. She is engaged in the preparation of graguates'personnel files, providing all the necessary documentation for the issuance of diplomas.
muratbekova elnura muratbekovna
Specialistmuratbekova elnura muratbekovna
Since September 2018,  she has worked as a specialist of the student department of the Eastern Campus. Keeps all student documentations for students of Eastern Campus. She issues student cards, record books, academic certificates and  academic records, draws  up personnel files. She succeeds  in  enriching her knowlegde and skills in working with documentation.

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